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    Direct-sale Store

    EVE GROUP  has a total of 500 stores, covers with a second and third line cities market. Cooperation channels includingSKP,Han light department,CuiWei system,Wangfujing department store group,ShuangAn mall,Contemporary mall,Parkview Green FangCaoDi,China Square Central,Shinsegae GroupLufthansa group,Wanda Group,Parkson Retail,Shijiazhuang beiguo,Shijiazhuang first world,Zhuo exhibition group,Dashang group,Xi 'an seg,SONGLEI,Red bo system,Eurasian shangdu,Jinan Silver,Yantai zhenhua,Yinchuan xinhua department store,Guofang Lanzhou shopping center,Suzhou taihua,Hangzhou wulin Yintai,Nanjing golden eagle,Nanjing DE base,Chongqing new century,Xinglong system,Maoye system and so on .

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    Direct-sale Store
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